Peter Tsolakides

Hi Mark & Robbie: I would like to sincerely thank both of you for all the great work you and all your team have done to produce an outcome that was far above all our expectations. My whole experience as a vendor with Taylors has been highly positive. Both of you were very clear with what I should expect, extremely friendly, and gave me straightforward advice so that everything went so very smoothly from my point of view. I would also like to give a special thanks to Robbie for the way he handled the whole process with a high degree of dedication and professionalism to produce outstanding results. Robbie always kept me informed of what was going on, gave me realistic advice, and was always available when I needed answers to my queries. It is always easy to give praise, and in this case the praise is well deserved, when the results have gone so outstandingly well. I believe however, that it is more telling that on the day before the auction I told Robbie I was so satisfied with all the good work he had done that even if the property was passed in below the reserve price on auction day, I would still feel that he had done the very best job that could be done. Again many thanks. Best regards.